Anodes Applications

Cathodic protection with Sacrificial Anodes  is an economical and highly effective means of corrosion controlling for a wide range of applications.

The three industries which use sacrificial ( galvanic ) anodes  are :

1. The marine industry- for protecting ships both internally and externally.

2. The offshore petrochemical industry.This includes offshore structures,drilling rigs,drill ships,fixed production platforms ,underwater pipelines.

Sacrificial anodes for submarine pipelines is the most interesting application engineering challenge.Pipeline anodes have very specific tolerance fit to the pipe and precise nett weight requirements in order to meet cathodic protection design.
The design of the bracelet is often varied to suit the mode of fitting or the type of pipe it is being fitted to.Bracelet anode can also be fully bolted,hinged and bolted,fully weld-on.

Sacrificial anodes for fixed production platforms are generally up to 30 cm in section and up to 300 cm in length of trapezoidal or circular cross section.Inserts are made from steels with a composition computible with welding direct to the structure or via doubler plate.Inserts are now invariably a tube with ends bent to facilitate attachement some 30 cm from the surface to be protected.

3. The on-shore petrochemical and pipeline industries.


ZBA-CATHODIC PROTECTION SERVICES is a privately owned company established in 1980 by mr Zymaris Vasilios. From date of inception to present the company has been involved in the manufacturing of sacrificial anodes ( Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium ) for shipping offshore and industrial applications. Since the late 80's ZBA focused in providing innovating cathodic services in marine market.

The company's involvement in corrosion control spans all aspects of the marine sector including anodes for leisure boat market to commercial deep sea shipping and shoreline structures such as piling, jetties, lock and dock gates, pontoon systems.



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